Our unique, pink Bell 206B-III Jet Ranger is known as the safest in its class with its heavy two bladed rotorsystem. It is perfect for flight training at altitude with the R-Version of the Rolls Royce 250 series and is equipped with dual attitude indicators, dual GPS, mandatory emergency locator beacon, Power FLARM collision avoidance system and live tracking via cellphone system.


Seats 1 Pilot, 3 to 4 passengers
Max. T/O mass 1520 kg; 3350 lbs
Max. Airspeed 240 km/h; 130 kts
Cruise speed 175 km/h; 95 kts
Max. Altitude 6'096 m; 20'000 ft Dichtehöhe
Engine Turbine 250-C20R
Power 450 PS
Manufacturer Allison, a Rolls Royce Division
Rotor rpm 395/min
Rotor ø 10.16 m; 33.4 ft
Length 11.96 m; 39.2 ft
Height 2.7 m; 8.86 ft
Fuelburn 95 Liter/h, 25 US gallon/h