Would you like to become a pilot? Or are you dreaming of flying a helicopter yourself? In this case, you are at the right place with us. We are happy to invite you to experience the fascinating world of rotorcrafts. An introduction flight under supervision of an experienced flight instructor allows you to take the controls and after a short period of time, fly the helicopter yourself. An introduction flight will give you an authentic and real impression.


Helicopter Flighttime    Price


Guimbal Cabri G2 35 min    CHF   490.-        0
Robinson R44 35 min    CHF   690.-        1
Bell 206B-III Jetranger 35 min    CHF   790.-        1 bis 2
Bell 407 35 min    CHF 1490.-        2 bis 4
Instructor and short theoretical introduction included.      

Introduction Flight Booking