The Cabgri G2 is newly designed state of the art helicopter with 2 seats and piston engine. Modern technology paired with a high safety standard, known from the big and military helicopters. The 3 blade rotorsystem guarantees stability in all conditions.

Our Cabri HB-XPY is fitted with two artifical horizions, newest generation GPS, Aspen Glascockpit and Fly Pad mount, is set up for nearly every flight.

Technical specitfication

Seats 1 Pilot, 1 Pax
Maximum Takeoff weight 700 kg; 1540 lbs
Maximum Airspeed 245 km/h; 130 kts
Cruise Speed 167 km/h; 90 kts
Maximum operating altitude 4'000 m; 13'000 ft desity alttitude
Engine Piston engine Lycoming O-360
Power 145 PS
Manufacturer Lycoming 
Rotor RPM 530/min
Rotor diameter 7.2 m; 23.6 ft
Overall lenght 8.05 m; 26.4 ft
Overall height 2.5 m; 8.2 ft
Fuel Consumption 48 Liter/h