Private Pilot PPL(H)

Whether you want to fly a helicopter as a hobby or you want to make it your profession; the first level of training is the Private Pilot License. Since the revision of the aviation law in April 2011, the Medical Class II is only needed before the first solo flight; meaning you can immediately start with your training.

For the practical test, the flight student requires an extract from the criminal records issued by the police department which is not older than three months. Students pass through a compulsory syllabus which takes them from hovering, starting and landing, navigation flights to emergency procedures and ultimately to a practical flight test. Theory lessons are attended parallel to the flight training. For admission to the practical examination, the candidate must pass all theory subjects. After licensing, the helicopters, for which one holds a corresponding type rating, can be chartered. The Private Pilot License allows non-commercial flights with passengers.

Commercial Pilot CPL(H)

Dream job helicopter pilot! For people who want to fly a helicopter not only as a hobby, but want to turn their passion into a profession require a Commercial Pilot License. After the Private Pilot License and a total of 155 flight hours as a helicopter pilot, the aviation training for commercial pilots can be started. A wide variety of flight maneuvers, off-airport landings as well as emergency procedures will train the aeronautical sensitivity of the CPL(H)-candidates and will prepare them for future operations. Before or during this training, the night flight authorization NIT(H) is also acquired. The theory is subdivided into general and helicopter specific subjects and has to be taken independently of the practical part. Once the training has been successfully completed, a professional pilot can accomplish commercial flights under the operating license of a helicopter company (AOC). The professional pilot license forms the basis for further specialized training courses such as flight instructor FI (H) and flying with underload (HESLO).