We offer helicopter trips to exciting or adventurous locations.

Maggia Valley Weekend

We fly you to the wild south, where dolce vita meets steep green valleys and roaring rivers.

You will stay at Ristorante Da Enzo - an extraordinary place for extraordinary people.

Flighttime to Ponte Brolla                                                                                                  approx. 45 min

Bell 407: 5 to 6 Passengers                                                                                 from CHF  3'850.-


Let us bring you to the Castello del Sole. A place, where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the southern alps and its culinary highlights.

Flighttime to Ascona                                                                                                          approx. 40 min­

Bell 407: 5 to 6 passengers                                                                                   from CHF  3'450.- 

Formula 1 Experience at the Côte d’Azur

Feel the power of a former Formula 1 racecar on the track with our partner Passion4Speed in southern France.

Flighttime to Le Luc                                                                                                            approx. 150 min­  

Bell 407: 5 to 6 passengers                                                                                   from CHF  13'250.-


Formula 1 Experience on the Circuit du Laquais (Rhône-Alpes)

Flighttime to La Tour du Pin                                                                                           approx.  85 min­  

Bell 407: 5 bis 6 Passagiere                                                                                   from CHF  7'650.- 

Self-flying under supervision

Fun and building experience in one. Undertake helicopter based expeditions under the supervision of our experienced flight instructors to other European countries.

Bell 407: 4 to 5 pilots/passengers                                                                                        

Bell 206: 2 to 3 pilots/passengers

Price: Pending on minutes flown.

We are more than happy to help you with your ideas. Call us or send an e-mail for more information and bookings!